At Sécheron, we have built our reputation on providing our customers with the services they need to get the most out of their equipment throughout its service life. Our components and equipment supply high power to rail vehicles and other industrial equipment and protect high voltage circuits from electrical faults. Because our solutions play a critical role in protecting people and property, regular preventive maintenance must be performed by specially-trained technicians and engineers.

We have developed operation and maintenance procedures, delivered with your equipment, for regular maintenance and parts replacement.

Our preventive maintenance services can be delivered by our local experts at a Sécheron site or at your facility. Your maintenance staff can also perform preventive maintenance on our equipment. In this case, we recommend training your people so that they can perform preventive maintenance correctly and safely.

To ensure that your equipment continues to perform as intended throughout its service life, only Sécheron original spare parts must be used. They are stamped with our logo and a serial number, either on the part or on the packaging.

Contact Sécheron or one of our partners for guaranteed original parts and maintenance services.