Green hydrogen is a clean and sustainable fuel produced through the electrolysis of water using renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power. Electrolysis involves splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen using an DC electrical current. One of the critical components in the electrolysis process is the DC power supply, which provides the necessary electric current for the electrolyzers using rectifier for hydrogen. Let’s explore the benefits and considerations of using a Sécheron’s DC power supply system for green hydrogen production.

Reliable Rectifier for Hydrogen Generation

Sécheron’s rectifier solutions are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in the production of hydrogen through electrolysis. With a proven track record and strong experience in power conversion, Sécheron Rectifiers offer the perfect solution for your hydrogen generation needs. Choose Sécheron Rectifiers for unmatched quality, reliability, and peace of mind in your hydrogen generation operations. Experience the power of our rectifiers and take your hydrogen production to new heights.

State-of-the-Art Rectifier Solutions

Depending on the requirements and chosen solution, Sécheron can propose modern power supply for electrolysers. Sécheron rectifiers developed specifically for H2 electrolysis application are of a cutting-edge design and propose various modern features, such as possibility to deliver reactive power to the grid and low-voltage ride through. These are especially important for weak grids and grids fed by renewable sources of energy.

Diode Rectifier + DC/DC Converter:

  • High efficiency with power factor > 0,95
  • No tap adjustments required on transformer
  • Good value for money
  • Water or air cooled

IGBT Rectifier + Optional DC/DC Converter:

  • IGBT technology with unity power factor
  • Possible to deliver reactive power
  • Optional DC/DC converter
  • Water or air cooled

Thyristor Rectifier:

  • High current output possible even with natural cooling
  • High power factor possible with taps
  • Water or air cooled

Outdoor, skid mounted or E-house execution

Sécheron proposes rectifiers in outdoor or indoor variants. Outdoor rectifier does not require any special shelter or container and can be installed in a harsh environmental conditions. This solution allows dramatically reduce costs of complete installation, especially when combined with a transformer of outdoor execution. Sécheron proposes ether separate skid or pedestal mounted rectifier or a complete skid, including integrated transformers, RMUs and other auxiliary equipment.

Indoor solution can be also integrated in an E-house which is a self-contained, prefabricated structure designed to house and protect critical electrical equipment, controls, and systems. These compact and modular units serve as an innovative solution to the challenges posed by housing electrical infrastructure in demanding environments. In case outdoor type rectifier cannot be used, Sécheron rectifiers can be installed in an E-house, providing compact solution, which is easy to deliver and commission.

Sécheron offers both permanent and temporary E-house solutions with major composition of concrete and metal respectively.



Why Sécheron?

  • Decades of power conversion experience: Sécheron has been always at the forefront of power conversion technologies – starting decades ago with first rotating machines, then developing mercury arc rectifiers, transformers with oil and water cooling systems and up to now, delivering state of the art controlled rectifiers and inverters for highly demanding industries like electric traction and hydrogen production.
  • Safety: Sécheron has been delivering various equipment for different industry domains, however probably most challenging and important is the one of electrical traction. It demands unparalleled safety, that is why all products developed by Sécheron are developed and tested according to world strictest requirements and Sécheron invests millions each year in rigorous testing.
  • Reliability: Equipment working in electric traction domain must have unmatched reliability and availability – literally millions of people daily schedules depend on this. Each minute of delay of public transport have immense costs for operators and passengers, that is why all equipment manufactured by Sécheron is scrupulously tested in order to provide reliability and availability at highest standards. Same principles Sécheron applies for equipment destined to other industries such hydrogen production for example – Secheron’s power supply is designed using same principles as in demanding traction domain.
  • Customization: With several R&D engineering teams Secheron permanently working on development of new products and solutions, At the same time, customized solutions are extremely important, especially in new domains like green hydrogen. Sécheron can propose high level of customization and adapt power supply solution to certain electrolyser characteristics.