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Sécheron develops and manufactures electrical equipment to meet the needs of the mining and metals industries. We provide a broad range of products and solutions for high-voltage circuits to ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of equipment like the DC machine drives found in hoists, grinding mills, and rolling mills. Our products and solutions ensure:

  • Protection and safety: DC circuit breakers protect the armature of the DC machine from overload and short circuit currents, safely disconnecting the DC machine from the rectifier in the event of a fault; unlike a fuse, the DC circuit breaker is simply reclosed after a mains shutdown to ensure maximum uptime. Our disconnect switch ensures safety maintenance.
  • Flexibility: All breakers are available with either an electric or magnetic holding mechanism; the magnetic mechanism remains closed without a control current. An optional indirect release can be used as an independent tripping unit for increased flexibility.
  • Reliability: All breakers are available with a direct overcurrent release that can be adjusted to higher thresholds than the accepted short-time overload current during start-up and load changes to avoid nuisance tripping during operation; in the event of a severe system fault, the direct-overcurrent release rapidly opens the main contacts to interrupt the short circuit current even at maximum supply voltage.

Main benefits

  • Expert knowledge of electrical safety solutions
  • A wide range of products and solutions
  • Choose from standard or custom solutions
  • System design and integration
  • Extensive testing for high uptime
  • Specialist customer support technicians
  • Proven designs accepted worldwide


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