Sécheron is the railway industry’s partner of choice for traction power systems. Our engineering services cover all stages of your project, from the initial analysis through to commissioning your equipment. Our in-house engineering capabilities draw on the proven experience of our experts and powerful tools including network simulation and calculation and laboratory and field testing. We have the engineering resources and know-how to dimension and build the best possible substations for your operating conditions.

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your existing equipment or services or need to build new equipment, you can count on our experts to provide you with recommendations you can trust for your DC traction network overhaul or design project.

We have been manufacturing high-speed DC circuit breakers and supplying substations for DC traction power distribution for decades and have built up a long track record in the field of short circuit testing. We can take short circuit measurements on site to ensure that your protection equipment provides optimal safety.

Finally, our after-sales service, available worldwide, will keep supporting you throughout your products’ lifespan.

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