When it comes to increasing energy efficiency, the railway industry is on the front lines. Sécheron is positioning itself as a major player in this sector. Today, we are investing heavily in research and development to bring you controlled-power electronic converters and other versatile solutions to increase the energy efficiency and performance of traction power substations. Our R&D is focusing in particular on limiting losses and harmonics and ensuring the best possible power factor. We can deliver standard products and custom solutions.

Our EFFICIENT product line includes rectifiers, inverters, reversible controlled rectifiers (also called double converters), energy storage systems and automatic assured receptivity units (AARU). We can help you choose the right product for your regenerative braking system needs.

Let us work with you to dimension, design, engineer, manufacture, install, and maintain a solution delivering best-in-class technology and performance. Our know-how encompasses custom charging stations for heavy vehicles like buses, tramways, and battery-powered trains, for in-depot overnight charging or charging at passenger stations.

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  • Traction Power Systems