With the integration of both the Voltage and the Current Measurement Functions, Sécheron’s TMS is a unique measuring platform suitable for Energy Measurement Systems.


The initial version of the TMS was released in 2018, covering the Voltage Measurement Function (VMF) class 0,5 R for AC rail vehicles. It was an immediate success and caught the attention of the global market. The TMS has already been selected for vehicles running in Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and UK.

In 2021, Sécheron is releasing a new configuration of the TMS, meeting car builders’ and operators’ growing demand for a combination of both AC voltage and AC current measurements. Including both VMF and CMF class 0,5 R, the new TMS is also designed for energy metering and other protection and control functions. Sécheron will start delivering the new TMS configuration in November 2021.

The TMS is built with a simple and highly reliable electronic architecture for the VMF function class 0,5 R. The current transformers are integrated to the main structure, either for the CMF function class 0,5 R suitable for energy metering, or for other functions. The TMS offers a unique AC measuring platform suitable to cover a wide range of applications. It directly delivers analogue outputs from the sensor, without embedded software or additional electronic conversion box.

For Energy Measurement Systems (EMS), a specific version of the TMS is available for car builders and operators, with single outputs for VMF and CMF. This configuration is suitable for new vehicles, as well as for vehicles already in service, where the installation of an EMS is needed. The TMS is fully compatible both with the Energy Meter type REM102 from our sister company HaslerRail, as well as with other Energy Meters from the market.

For applications requiring more voltage and current signal outputs, the TMS can also be configured with three outputs for the voltage measurement, and two outputs for the current measurement. Sécheron can propose adapted solutions for the specific needs of a project.

The TMS is certified TSI Loc&Pas in compliance with the EN 50463-2 standard. It is the most compact and the lightest product in its category on the market.

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