Sécheron has further enlarged his BMS contactors range with the introduction of the new BMS09.10 and BMS18.10, rated 1000 A, 900 V and 1800 V.

BMS is now a large product range with a high modularity degree to fit all customer applications.

Main benefits


  • Very compact size and extremely low weight.
  • Different arc chutes matching installation space and operational performance requirements.
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting to match vehicle’s installation constraints.
  • Possible integration of optional PCC18 pre-charging contactor.
  • BMS design worldwide service proven.

Technical support

  • Dedicated team to analyze customer’s project conditions and recommend the most suitable product.
  • In-house testing laboratory to quickly perform a wide range of validation tests when needed by the application.
  • Deep expertise and support for integration of contactors in "line breaker box".

More information on BMS, click here.

Other BMS contactors of the range:

  • BMS09.08/BMS18.08
  • BMS09.15/BMS18.15
  • BMS09.18/BMS18.18
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