New perspectives for Saira Electronics and Saira Americas.

Sécheron Hasler Group has acquired a majority stake in Saira Electronics – Financial stability of Saira Electronics is assured – Investments are planned to further strengthen the Saira Electronics core business.


Dear Clients and Business Partners,

We are pleased to announce that Sécheron Hasler Group, a leading Swiss supplier of safety technology for the global railway industry, has acquired a 60% majority share in Saira Electronics.

Saira Electronics allows Sécheron Hasler Group to extend its product portfolio into two strategic product categories for the global markets, TCMS and energy metering solutions. Also, Saira Electronics gives Sécheron Hasler Group a significantly stronger base in Italy and access to specialty products including passenger information and fire detection systems.

Sécheron Hasler Group intends to develop Saira Electronics with a long-term perspective and a clear focus on customer needs, innovation and product quality, thereby leveraging Sécheron Hasler Group’s worldwide sales & service network, its multidisciplinary engineering platform as well as its financial strength. Further investments are planned in Saira Electronics key innovation projects and capabilities, and its supply chain and customer care processes.

Saira Electronics is an innovative supplier of electronic on-board systems for train control, monitoring and communication, energy management, safety applications and passenger service. In 2015 it generated sales of 22M Euro with 70 employees.

Sécheron Hasler Group is a leading supplier of safety technology for the global railway industry based in Geneva and Berne, Switzerland. Sales reached 205M Euro in 2015 with a total staff of 920. Sécheron Hasler Group occupies a leading position with its electronic and electro-mechanical products worldwide, focuses strongly on innovation and R&D and has its own qualified sales and service teams in all main emerging and industrial markets.

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