Extended SW Disconnect Switch Range For Fixed Installation

In 2020, Sécheron has developed the SWI(N), a new configuration for our disconnect switch series SW. This new configuration covers applications where the Changeover or Selector Switch, as well as the Disconnect and Grounding Switch, are required to stop the moving contact and lock it in an intermediate disconnected position. After successful completion of all validation and type tests, this new configuration is now available on the market for your specific project.

The SW series offers a range of modular platforms, which can be configured either as a Disconnect Switch (SWS), a Disconnect and Grounding Switch (SWG) or a Changeover or Selector Switch (SWI). The switches are delivered in single or double poles, for rated voltages 1,800 VDC or 3,600 VDC and thermal current from 2,000 A to 8,000 A, with manual or motorized operation.

In use for many years in DC traction substations applications, as well as in many other fixed installations for other industrial fields, the SW range has demonstrated its high performance, robustness and reliability, with an installation base of more than 16,000 units worldwide.

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