SEPCOS PRISM is the new born of the SEPCOS family. It benefits of the long and strong experience with thousands of units in service worldwide from SEPCOS main functionalities and power, all in a compact design including an integrated and user-friendly touch screen display.

SEPCOS PRISM integrates all necessary functions for the protection, the control and the measurement of railway DC traction equipment.

It’s been developed to fulfill the most demanding traction safety requirement and distribution network like IEC61850 Ed2 protocol.

SEPCOS PRISM’s logic functionalities are easily adaptable by software and allows to freely define the operating logic functions to match customer requirements.

The new module CLM (Customized Logic Module) could be embedded as option and allow the customer to modify and personalize some parts of the logic application.



Integration of the Sepcos Prism


SEPCOS PRISM embed a wide range of communication protocols used in traction and could be integrate in different network topology

  • Modbus-TCP
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • IEC 61850 Ed2
  • DNP 3.0 (Ethernet)


Specos Prism Range


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