The TMS is Sécheron’s product platform for medium voltage and current measurement transducers class 0,5 R for AC and AC/DC rail vehicles. It delivers AC & DC voltage and AC current signals to various on-board equipment such as the energy meter, converter control units, vehicle control unit and vehicle protection devices. With its new integrated Catenary Voltage Detection (CVD) function, the TMS voltage and current sensor identifies and informs the train control unit of the line voltage of the network on which it is operating, whether it is AC or DC. It also delivers a DC Voltage Measurement signal class 0,5 R suitable for the energy metering.

Sécheron’s TMS is the only solution available on the market combining all these functions without embedded software for a better safety and reliability.

The new Catenary Voltage Detection function enables to detect any line voltage and frequency, from 11 kV to 25 kV with frequency from 25 Hz to 60 Hz, and from 750 VDC to 3,000 VDC. The catenary voltage information is transmitted to the Train Control & Management System (TCMS) through 4 digital relay outputs with adjustable thresholds and timings.

The new DC Voltage Measurement Function (VMFDC) enables TMS configured with the optional Catenary Voltage Detection (CVD) function, to also deliver a voltage measurement signal class 0.5 R for line voltages 750 VDC, 1.5 kVDC or 3 kVDC. This optional output is available and suitable for DC energy measurement or other purposes, thus reducing the number of sensors needed on the AC/DC rail vehicles for all necessary measurement functions.

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