10 years ago, Sécheron launched the first MODBOX®, a complete high voltage integrated system for AC rail vehicles. Its unique design results from Sécheron’s strong expertise in switching and protection components for AC rail vehicles, as well as our know-how in metal enclosure.

Over the last decade, we have continuously broadened the MODBOX® range, optimizing not only the integration of high and low voltage components from Sécheron and other first class suppliers, but also the manufacturing processes and tools to build and deliver smart, safe and competitive solutions for a wide range of both AC and DC vehicle platforms. Today, thousands of vehicles equipped with Sécheron’s AC and/or DC MODBOX® are in operation worldwide.

Sécheron has now extended further the MODBOX®  range with the NEW INDOOR VERSION of both AC and DC MODBOX®, offering car builders a full range that meets their various needs for installation either on the roof, inside the vehicle or underframe.

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