Sécheron’s AC MODFRAME is an integrated solution developed for AC and AC/DC Electrical Multiple Units (EMU). The high voltage roof components necessary to operate and protect the AC rail vehicles are integrated to a single frame, in the open air. Thanks to its customizable frame the MODFRAME is easily adapted to different vehicle roof architecture, functionalities and fixation types. The main components are from Sécheron’s ranges, completed with devices from other first class suppliers.

All the components are connected together with busbars, cables and braids, offering car builders a simple and easy interface for high voltage and low voltage connections between the MODFRAME and the vehicle. The installation of the MODFRAME on the roof doesn’t require any roof cut-out, which has a very positive impact on roof structural rigidity as well as on the structural and air-borne noise transmission.

Main benefits for car builders

  • Reduced project overall costs thanks to
    • reduced engineering work
    • more efficient logistics with one stop shop for all components and integration material
    • faster installation versus roof individual components
    • shorter factory transit time
  • Eliminates the need for roof cut-outs
  • Reduced structural noise
  • Limited additional weight and height versus individual components
  • Great flexibility to adapt the MODFRAME to the required roof components
  • Great flexibility to adapt the MODFRAME’s fixation to the roof constraints
  • High expertise degree in electrical safety-switching-measuring components
  • Key components of the Sécheron brand which performances are consistent with each other for the highest safety

The AC MODFRAME perfectly complements the AC MODBOX range where similar high voltage components can be integrated horizontally in a compact aluminium enclosure for installation on high speed trains, on rail vehicles with restricted roof gauge or on vehicles operating in harsh environmental conditions.

Over the years, Sécheron has developed an impressive portfolio of components and platforms for high voltage solutions. These cover most of the needs for AC rail vehicles, regardless of where these components are installed on the roof, under the vehicle’s frame or inside the vehicle. Today, Sécheron delivers the most complete range of roof installed high voltage individual components and integrated solutions. These cover the requirements and constraints of almost all rail vehicles.

Typical example of AC MODFRAME for AC/DC rail vehicle

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