Sécheron Hasler Group offers complete solutions compliant to EN50463 standard for energy measurement on rail vehicles operated on AC and DC. We can provide Energy Metering Systems (EMS) and Data Collection Systems (DCS) that include a wide range of our own subsystems.

For example, we offer on-board voltage and current sensors for Voltage and Current Measurement Functions (VMF & CMF). Our compact, lightweight Traction Measurement System (TMS) is a safe, accurate voltage sensor that railway car builders and operators can count on for their energy metering and vehicle protection needs.

On-board energy meter performs the Energy Calculation Function (ECF), but also embeds the Data Handling System (DHS) that generates Compiled Energy Billing Data (CEBD) and transfers these data via a mobile communication gateway to the Energy Portal, our web-based platform for the ground-based Data Collection System (DCS).


  • Supply program for rail transportation