Sécheron brings decades of experience designing and manufacturing high-voltage AC components and solutions. The builders and operators of trains, high-speed trains, locomotives, and EMUs on 15 kV and/or 25 kV railway networks turn to us to ensure the electrical safety of their traction circuits. One of the foundations of our AC electrical safety solutions are the main AC vacuum circuit breakers that protect high-voltage circuits from short circuits and overload currents.

Starting with our main AC circuit breaker, we bring railway car builders and railway operators a wide range of solutions from stand-alone components to turnkey systems to perform all traction chain protection, switching, and measurement functions.

For example, Sécheron can deliver packages of individual components including the AC main circuit breaker, earthing switch, and surge arrester, which can be integrated into the MACS-type main CB. We can also provide AC voltage and current sensors to monitor voltage and current, as well as making switches that close on transformer inrush currents, roof line disconnectors and contactors.

Finally, we can engineer a complete smart, compact MODBOX®-type high-voltage electrical enclosure, that integrates most of roof high voltage components, to protect them against harsch environmental conditions, but also to simplify car builder engineering-logistic-manufacturing work.


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