Our headquarters in Geneva are now equipped with a solar power plant, representing 184 photovoltaic panels for a total installed capacity (DC) of 78.2 kWp.

Thanks to this installation, we will produce around 66 MWh of energy per year and avoid almost 40 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Through this project, we contribute to the environmental protection. Firstly, by reducing the CO2 emissions, our solar power plant will help to prevent global warming. Secondly, as solar energy is an infinite resource, it will not deplete the planet’s reserves.

Furthermore, we are now producing and consuming our own power from renewable energy. That will consequently maximize our energy independency, and protect us from planned outages and power surges coming with the energy crisis.


This also represents a green circle of renewable energy, taking part of our ecologically-responsible initiatives for a more sustainable future.