From the 27th to the 29th of November 2019, Sécheron Hasler Group looks forward to welcoming you at Mass-Trans Innovation Japan (Chiba, Japan). Visit us at the Swiss Pavilion, Hall 6 C-06.

Sécheron’s Electrical Safety Solutions offers a broad range of products for AC, DC and multi-system rail vehicles, including AC and DC circuit breakers, contactors, disconnectors and grounding switches. Completing our products & solutions portfolio for AC vehicles, we have recently released the AC voltage sensor type TMS that can be used for voltage detection function, energy measurement system, as well as traction protection.

Over the last 30 years, Sécheron has successfully supported the Japanese railway industry (Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba, Hitachi, Fuji Electric, Kawasaki, Kinki Sharyo, and others) with our efficient solutions for both domestic and export markets. Our devices are in operation on thousands of vehicles at JR-East, JR-West, JR-Central, Tokyo & Osaka Metro and many other Japanese networks, and are homologated on all the major railway and mass transit networks all over the world. Our customers can rely on our local Japanese teams when designing new projects as well as for maintenance service on our equipment in operation.

Beside its flagship product the DC Switchgear type MBS equipped with its control and protection unit SEPCOS, Sécheron’s Traction Power Systems business has developed unique skills that allow us to offer a wide range of reliable and proven equipment for substations including various types of converters such as diode rectifiers, thyristor controlled rectifiers, thyristor and igbt inverters or reversible converters as well as innovative software tools for stray current monitoring systems SCMS, local SCADA KEOPS and protective hybrid negative grounding device VGUARD.

HaslerRail’s expertise in On-Board Electronics for rail applications is widely recognized by car builders and operators. Our product portfolios include safety relevant innovative solutions on On-Board Electronics including Railway Event Recorder with Crash Protection Memory (TELOC), Pulse Generator (PG), innovative speed sensors (CORAIL), Train Control Management System (TCMS), Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), Railway Energy Metering (REM), Protocol Convertor and Rail Data Management (EVA+ and Energy portal) for the railway industry.
Haslerrail, since many years, is a qualified supplier of Japanese car builders and system integrators. TELOC event recorders, PG pulse generators and TCMS devices have been sold in hundreds of units and installed in many different Train platforms platforms and sold by Japanese car builders all over the word. Today, more than 40’000 devices are installed and running on board trains.

Visit Sécheron Hasler Group at the Swiss Pavilion of Mass-Trans Innovation Japan and discover our latest innovations covering all our fields of expertise.



セシュロンハスラーグループでは、2019年11月27~29日に千葉で開催されるMASSTRANSで皆様にお会いできるのを楽しみにしております。スイスパビリオン (ホール6 C-06) で当社のブースにぜひお越しください。




ハスラーレイルが持つ鉄道用途向けの搭載電子機器における専門知識は、車両の製造メーカーや作業員に広く認知されています。当社のポートフォリオには、鉄道産業向けに、衝突保護メモリ搭載鉄道イベントレコーダー (TELOC)、パルス発生器 (PG)、革新的な速度センサー (CORAIL)、鉄道制御管理システム (TCMS)、車両制御ユニット (VCU)、鉄道電力測定器 (REM)、プロトコル変換器およびデータ管理 (EVA+ およびEnergy portal) などの、車載電子機器の安全関連の革新的なソリューションが含まれています。