From the 22nd to the 24th of October 2019, Sécheron Hasler Group looks forward to welcoming you at IREE (New Delhi, India) at booth n° 163, hall 4.

Sécheron’s Electrical Safety Solutions offers a broad range of solutions for AC, DC and multi-system rail vehicles, ensuring the highest safety, protection and reliability.
BMS series of contactors suitable for AC and DC rolling stock applications are available in 1, 2 or 3 pole and designed for heavy duty.
Latest generation electromagnetically operated vacuum circuit breaker type MACS is specially designed to withstand 185 kV impulse for a safe operation in harsh environments, as can be met in India (high humidity, dust). MACS allows to integrate the earthing switch and surge arrestor on same base plate which avoids the multiple opening on the roof of the rolling stock.
Our recently released AC voltage sensor type TMS can be delivered separately or together with the energy meter type REM102 from Sécheron Hasler Group.

Our solutions actively support the development and the innovation of public transport in India, especially at Indian Railways as well as at Metro Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru, Kochi, Kolkata and many others.

Beside its flagship product the DC Switchgear type MBS equipped with its control and protection unit SEPCOS, Sécheron’s Traction Power Systems business has developed unique skills that allow us to offer a wide range of reliable and proven equipment for substations including various types of converters such as diode rectifiers, thyristor controlled rectifiers, thyristor and igbt inverters or reversible converters as well as innovative software tools for stray current monitoring systems SCMS, local SCADA KEOPS and protective hybrid negative grounding device VGUARD.

Sécheron’s DC equipment has been successfully installed and used in several projects in India: Bangalore Metro, Kochi Metro, Bangalore BMRCL phase 2, RVNL Kolkata, Chennai Sri City. Thanks to the reliable solution adopted and to the focus on R&D, Sécheron is proud of taking part in the development of DC systems in Indian Metro lines.

HaslerRail’s expertise in On-Board Electronics for rail applications is widely recognized by car builders and operators. Our product portfolios include safety relevant innovative solutions on On-Board Electronics including Railway Event Recorder with Crash Protection Memory (TELOC), Pulse Generator (PG), Train Control Management System (TCMS), Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), Railway Energy Metering (REM), Protocol Convertor and Rail Data Management (EVA+ and Energy portal) for the railway industry including Indian railways.

During the exhibition, Sécheron Hasler Group will be happy to present to you our latest innovations covering all our fields of expertise.