Through the unprecedented challenges of 2020, Sécheron upholds regular product lines and makes sure that our customers receive each of their orders on time.

So far, 2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges. At Sécheron, we have firmly navigated through the continuously changing conditions presented by the pandemic, while remaining committed to our core goals: the safety of our people and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our first priority is of course to make sure that our teams are safe here at our HQ in Geneva, and at all our local operational units, service points and sales desks worldwide. Since the dawn of the outbreak, we have installed and adapted safety measures, and rapidly reorganised to guarantee social distancing and facilitate work from home.

With technological innovation being at the heart of our business and organizational culture, we have made constant adjustments over the years to always provide a modern workplace. Last year, we modernized our communication structure, implementing an UC platform, which, along with our PLM solution, supports our teams in their day-to-day work with customers and suppliers worldwide. These organizational tools have proved to be essential during the pandemic, to meet the challenges of social distancing, restricted travel policies and remote work.

In our factories, strict safety measures were implemented rapidly, to protect our people on the production floor. Rigorous procedures are also in place throughout the manufacturing process, to shield the products from any possible contamination. Thanks to the focus and determination of our employees, we have upheld regular production lines during these times of deep uncertainty. We have maintained relationships with our suppliers and explored new possibilities when necessary, and thus efficiently met production deadlines and delivered each of our customers on time.

The world is heading towards a new normal and the forthcoming months are still uncertain, but in the face of crisis we have learned to become even more agile. At Sécheron, we feel prepared to meet difficult times that may come, focusing on our priorities and actively participating in making the future.

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