From the 22nd to the 25th of September 2019, Sécheron Hasler Group looks forward to welcoming you at the Railway Interchange exhibition (Minneapolis, USA) at booth #3036.

Sécheron’s expertise in AC and DC Electrical Safety Solutions for rail vehicle applications is widely recognized by car builders and operators. Our product ranges includes circuits breakers, contactors, off-load switches as well as grounding switches. To complete our products & solutions portfolio for AC components, we have recently released the AC voltage sensor type TMS which can be delivered together with the energy meter type REM102 from Sécheron Hasler Group. With over 7000 circuit breakers, 12000 contactors and 600 vacuum circuit breakers in operation throughout the US, Sécheron actively supports development and innovation in the North American transportation sector including mass transit and railways. We take part in a long list of innovative projects in the US, including MBTA Red, Green and Orange lines (Boston), WMATA 7000 (Washington DC), LACMTA Red line (Los Angeles) and CTA 7000 (Chicago). Our products are in operation on Minneapolis’ metro network for over a decade.

Beside its flagship product the DC Switchgear type MBS, Sécheron’s Traction Power Systems business has developed unique skills that allow us to offer a wide range of reliable and proven equipment for substations including various types of converters such as diode rectifiers, thyristor controlled rectifiers or reversible controlled rectifier as well as  innovative software tools for stray current monitoring systems, local SCADA (LCMS, SCITC) and protective hybrid negative grounding device VGUARD. Our SEPCOS control and protection relay installed in the MBS will be on show at our booth. Most of these products have been delivered in many North America’s agencies, Denver LRT, Seattle Sound Transit, Los Angeles LACTMA, Philadelphia SEPTA, Washington WMATA, Minneapolis Streetcar, Charlotte Streetcar, Tampa APM and all majors DC networks in Canada.

HaslerRail’s expertise in On-Board Electronics for rail applications is widely recognized by car builders and operators. Our product portfolios include safety relevant innovative solutions on On-Board Electronics including Railway Event Recorder with Crash Protection Memory (TELOC), Pulse Generator (PG), Train Control Management System (TCMS), Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), Railway Energy Metering (REM), Protocol Convertor and Rail Data Management (EVA+ and Energy portal) for the railway industry.

During the exhibition, Sécheron Hasler Group will be happy to present to you our latest innovations covering all our fields of expertise.

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