Sécheron has developed the new BMS36.10 for 3 kVDC high power rail vehicles as well as for 25 kVAC rail vehicles with 3 kVDC intermediate DC-bus. Combining a compact size with a light weight, it is particularly efficient to interrupting low currents while offering also the highest breaking capacity in its category.

Designed with high insulation performances to match installation in the most severe indoor environmental conditions, the BMS36.10 offers also the most compact installation volume thanks to the configuration of its high voltage circuit and its unique arc chute.

The BMS36.10 contactor is the ideal solution to be used with our high-speed DC circuit breakers type UR26-64 or our AC vacuum circuit breakers type MACS.

The combination of benefits from our top notch contactor platforms BMS and SEC makes BMS36.10 the best-in-class 3,600 V contactor built on technologies with decades of unparalleled field performances.


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