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Sécheron designs and manufactures specific products and solutions for the safe, reliable operation of the high-voltage circuits found in renewable energy production and storage equipment. Our products and solutions ensure:

  • Protection and safety: We offer a wide range of components and solutions including DC circuit breakers to protect the high-voltage circuits in wind turbines, photovoltaic power plants, fuel-cells and battery based storage systems. As the wind turbine generator frequency can go down to 0 Hz, three single pole DC circuit breakers are installed between the generator and converter to protect the equipment against fault currents.
  • Control: Our DC circuit breakers and contactors can be used to build DC grids with solar panel arrays, fuel cells, batteries, and other renewable energy production and storage systems.

Main benefits

  • Expert knowledge of electrical safety solutions
  • A broad range of solutions
  • Standard products and custom solutions
  • System competencies and engineering capabilities
  • Extensive testing for high uptime
  • Knowledgeable customer support technicians
  • Proven designs accepted worldwide


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