Railway car builders and train operators turn to Sécheron for state-of-the-art and reliable solutions for a broad range of DC rail vehicle needs:

  • Electrical safety: components and solutions to protect high-voltage DC circuits from overcurrents, short circuits, surge voltages, and unsafe catenary voltages and ensure the safety of maintenance technicians.
  • Traction control: equipment including the master controller and a broad range of switching solutions for the traction chain to ensure that all electrical protection devices are optimally coordinated.
  • Energy measurement solutions: components and solutions for voltage and current measurement (VMF, CMF). HaslerRail also member of Secheron Hasler Group offers energy calculation (ECF) and data handling systems (DHS) to allocate consumption and compile energy billing data and send it to ground-based receivers.
  • Noise and wear reduction with wheel flange lubricators.

Main benefits

  • Products and services from a railway expert
  • Choose from standard products or custom solutions
  • System competencies and integration capabilities
  • A large battery of factory reliability tests
  • A customer support team who knows the industry
  • Time-tested designs in service worldwide


  • Supply program for rail transportation