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Sécheron designs and manufactures high arcing power single pole DC circuit breakers to protect synchronous generators’ static excitation systems, guaranteeing the safe, reliable operation of large hydro, thermal, and nuclear power plants. Our products and solutions ensure:

  • Fast field discharge: DC circuit breakers ensure a fast disconnection of the DC voltage source from the field in the event of a severe system fault. The high arc voltage generated by the DC circuit breaker activates the field discharge circuit, limiting the potential damage caused by the very high energy released during a fault.
  • Safety: Safer maintenance, with the disconnect switch.
  • High flexibility: All breakers are available with either an electric or magnetic holding mechanism; the magnetic mechanism remains closed without a control current. An optional indirect release can be used as an independent tripping unit for increased flexibility.
  • Reliability: All breakers are available with a direct overcurrent release that can be adjusted to higher thresholds than the ceiling current in the excitation circuit during a disturbance on the three-phase AC network. In the event of a severe system fault, the direct overcurrent release rapidly opens the main contacts to interrupt the short circuit current even at maximum excitation voltage.

Customer main benefits

  • Expert knowledge of electrical safety and switching
  • A wide range of products and solutions
  • Standard and custom solutions
  • System design and integration
  • Extensive testing for high reliability
  • Experienced customer support
  • Worldwide-accepted designs


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