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Sécheron develops and manufactures high speed DC circuit breakers for high-voltage circuits to ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of propulsion and auxiliary power systems in all types of passenger, freight, industrial, and military vessels. Our products and solutions ensure:

  • Propulsion protection: DC circuit breakers protect the three-phase propulsion motors from overloads and short circuits. As the inverter AC 3-phase outputs can go down to 0 Hz, three single pole DC circuit breakers are installed between the drive inverter and machine. DC circuit breakers trip on overload or short-circuit currents at maximum drive voltage. Unlike a fuse, the DC circuit breaker is simply reclosed once the fault has been cleared, maintaining the ship’s maneuverability at all times.
  • High flexibility: All breakers are available with either an electrical or magnetic holding mechanism; the magnetic mechanism remains closed without a control current. An optional indirect release is also available.
  • Reliability: The direct overcurrent release can be adjusted to higher thresholds than the accepted short-time overload current during start-up and load changes to avoid nuisance tripping during operation. In the event of a severe system fault, the direct overcurrent release rapidly opens the main contacts to interrupt the short circuit current even at maximum drive voltage.

Main benefits

  • In-depth knowledge of electrical safety
  • A wide range of products and solutions
  • Standard products and custom solutions
  • System design and integration
  • Extensive testing for high uptime
  • A seasoned customer support team
  • Proven designs accepted worldwide


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