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DC circuit-breakers

For DC applications, Sécheron proposes a complete range of high-speed current limiting circuit-breakers rated up to 8000 A and up to 3600 Vdc. These DC circuit-breakers are used in various applications to protect equipment against short-circuit currents and overloads. They are mainly used on railways DC rolling stock/traction vehicles (including locomotives, trains, metros and light rail vehicles) to protect main and auxiliary electric circuits, as well as in DC traction power substations for mass transit or railway transport to protect the contact lines and third rails powering the vehicles. Other industrial installations such as steel/aluminium rolling mills, marine converters, renewable energy plants, chemical plants and mines also use such DC circuit-breakers.

Rail vehicles
The well-known UR DC circuit-breakers range

The UR' platform is the market' largest range of DC circuit-breakers for rolling stock, and has been for years now the reference to protect mass transit vehicles, --SEE_MORE--long distance and high-speed trains or freight and passenger locomotives.
Customers looking for complete solutions, that simplifies their engineering work, logistic, assembly and test of the vehicles they produce, will find with our DC MODBOX® and our strong engineering teams, the ideal plug & play solution supported by the largest competencies in key areas.

Other industrial areas
Circuit-breakers for other Industrial areas

Apart from railway & mass transit applications, Sécheron’s DC circuit-breaker are also widely used in other industrial areas to protect electric equipments against--SEE_MORE-- short-circuit and overloads.
Among the most common applications can be found rolling mills’s drives, Marine converters, power plant, chemical plants, high power motor excitation, mines equipments. Sécheron’s circuit-breakers are compliant among others to IEC60947-2 and GOST standards, as well as to CCC marking requirement.